Contact your local LightSpeed Reseller in order to purchase a license for your server so that it will accept incoming requests from kgINVENTORY.  Without this, the app will not be able to validate each product scan.

When purchasing the license, you will be required to provide your license key. You’ll find this in the LightSpeed Server preference pane located in the System Preferences window found under your Apple Menu. Simply ‘triple-click’ on the license number to select it all and copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it into an email for sending to your reseller.

In order to begin using the app, you must refresh the license key of your server.


To retrieve your updated LightSpeed Server license, please follow these steps:

  1. Have all users log out of LightSpeed.
  2. Navigate to System Preferences > LightSpeed Server.
  3. Click the lock in the bottom left corner of the LightSpeed Server preference pane, and enter your Mac password when prompted.
  4. Click the gear icon and select Stop Server.
  5. Click the Refresh License button.
  6. Once the license refresh has completed, click the gear icon and select Start Server.
  7. You may now log in to LightSpeed with kgINVENTORY.

You can check your license by choosing the ‘Third-Party Apps’ tab in the LightSpeed Server panel. kgINVENTORY should now appear in the list. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps above and/or contact your reseller for assistance.