Any time you are concerned that stock on the web store doesn't match stock in LightSpeed simply perform this test...

  1. Login to the Web Store Admin Panel
  2. Choose 'System' from the top menu
  3. Then choose, 'Database Admin' from the left side menu
  4. This changes the left-side menu... now choose, 'Product Lookup'
  5. On this page, you can search for any product and check to see if Web Store's stock matches your own, or not.

If it doesn't, perform a Web Store Upload, and then try this search again to see if the number was updated to match LightSpeed.

The iAvail number is the important one. If stock has been reserved for Orders that have been taken but not fulfilled, it will appear as different than LightSpeed until the Order has been downloaded and then turned into an Invoice. If the Order was deleted in LightSpeed without being Invoiced, it will orphan this reservation and we'll have to repair it manually.