Your Admin Panel is the 'back door' to your Web Store that allows you to make configuration changes, upload graphics, change content and troubleshoot your website. There are two ways to access this area of your Web Store: Using Lightspeed; and Using a Web Browser.

Accessing Admin Panel via Lightspeed

This method is pretty simple and you may have even come across it while making your first connection and upload of products. Under the Tools menu, you'll see an option entitled, 'eCommerce'. This is the same window that you use to manually initiate an upload of products and/or a download of orders.

At the bottom-right corner, there is a button for the 'Admin Panel'. This will open up a window within Lightspeed that gives you access to the Admin Panel.

Accessing Admin Panel via a Web Browser

Notice that the Admin Panel looks like a website? Well, that's because it is and you can access it directly via a web browser as well. Not only will this not require a connection (and unused user license) with your Lightspeed server but there are some features of the Admin Panel that simple don't work when accessing it via Lightspeed so it's important to know both methods.

The secret to accessing the Admin Panel directly is to put '/admin' at the end of your website URL. For example, if your URL was <>, you would simply type <> into your web browser in order to access the Admin Panel... but wait! It requires a login!

First, go to your own Web Store and click on the link in the top-right menu to access your account. On older versions of Web Store, this said SignUp/Login but now it says, 'Account'. This should take you to a page that asks you to login, if you're not already. It also gives you an option to create a new account if you've never done so before. Register yourself as if you were a customer. Create an account and set yourself a password. This will also come in handy as you test your own web store later.

Now that you've created an account for yourself, you'll notice that your Web Store knows who you are and you can add products to your cart and test the checkout page. But it still won't let you login to your Admin Panel because it thinks that you're just a regular customer.

You can tell Web Store that you are the administrator by accessing the Admin Panel via Lightspeed (one last time). Choose 'Database Admin' under the 'System' area and you'll see the option to 'Edit Customers'. Search for yourself in the list and give yourself administrative privileges by changing your access from 'Active' to 'ADMIN'.

Now, you can return to the /admin login page and the email and password should work to give you access to the Admin Panel.