One of Lightspeed Onsite's most powerful features, in my opinion, is it's ability to sell both online and in a physical store. It does this by uploading products to your website and downloading any orders that have been processed since last time it checked. These two processes can be done manually or automatically on a schedule, and when they work, life is good... but when they don't, we're often left wondering why as Lightspeed can be less than helpful with it's error messages.

When you perform an upload or download, there is a way to watch what is going on in the background that many people don't know about. There is a secret 'log' file hidden on the computer that acts as your Lightspeed Onsite server and if you open it with the Console application on your Mac, you can use it to troubleshoot your issue.

First, find the Console application. It's in your utilities folder which is inside your Applications folder. Run this program and you'll likely see a window with a bunch of text that doesn't mean too much.

Next, open the Lightspeed log file by choosing File -> Open... and navigate to the root directory of your hard drive where you'll likely see things like:

  • Applications
  • Library
  • System
  • Users

Follow this path: Library -> Application Support -> Lightspeed Server -> logs... and open the one that says, 'server1.log' (or just 'server1'). (You can reference the screen shot below.)

This log file contains a lot of information and you'll see by the dates on the left hand side, the events logged go back for some time. We're not interested in any of them so click the button at the top of the window that clears the display of all messages.

Now, perform your upload or download that you were having trouble with. You should see each event as it occurs in the log. When it fails, you can usually see the error... even if you don't understand it.

Copy and paste the lines that appear in the window into your ticket so we can see what's going on if you need help.