Kristin's Golden Rule of Lightspeed Onsite #1 - Never Delete Anything

Well... almost 'never'. There are a couple of exceptions...

We should never delete a product from Lightspeed Onsite. The correct way to remove something from Lightspeed is to mark the product as non-current in the product card. This has the double action of removing it from the list in Lightspeed as well as hiding it on the Web Store.

The correct way to remove something from just the Web Store is to uncheck it's 'Sell on Web' checkbox in Lightspeed Onsite and perform an upload. When the upload is complete, the product should no longer be displayed.

But what if you broke the golden rule and the product no longer exists in Lightspeed but still shows up on Web Store? You can't uncheck anything because there isn't anything to uncheck!

Thankfully, the folks at Lightspeed thought of this and made a secret, hidden feature in the Admin Panel that will let you do the unthinkable... delete a product from Web Store. Here are the steps...

  1. Open up the Admin Panel and click on 'System' in the main menu.
  2. Choose, 'Database Admin' from the left side menu. This takes you to the hidden database tool area and the menu on the left now changes to reveal new secret powers! Actually there are some really useful things in here, feel free to poke around and take a look.
  3. Choose, 'Product Lookup' from the left side menu. This presents a list of all products.
  4. Filter the list by searching for the product code of the product you wish to delete.
  5. Edit the product's 'Code' by clicking it. (It should be blue with a dotted underline)
  6. Empty the contents of the edit field that appears and click the big check mark to accept it.
  7. Product deleted.

There you have it... the super secret trick to deleting products in Web Store. Like rare ancient, unstable magic, the consequences of it's abuse are unknown but potentially very damaging.

You've been warned.