kgLOYALTY will extract invoices from Lightspeed and send an email to each customer, inviting them to fill out a survey. It does this by sending the list of customer email addresses to a collector in Survey Monkey which then sends the emails and manages the survey.

Here is how to configure kgLOYALTY and Survey Monkey to work together:

  1. Create a survey in Survey Monkey.
  2. Create an 'Email Collector' for the survey. Edit the message to your liking and click 'resume later' without adding any recipients. Rename it 'Template Collector'.
  3. Create a second 'Email Collector' for the survey. Editing the message is not important, you may delete it. Just click the 'resume later' to finish creation. Rename the collector 'Sending Collector'.
  4. Login to kgLOYALTY and go to 'Integration Settings' under the 'Profile' menu. 
  5. Click the button to connect to Survey Monkey and authorize the connection when prompted to do so.
  6. Select your survey, set the template and sending collectors accordingly, and click 'Update'.

At this point, kgLOYALTY will check for invoices every evening and automatically send the new list to Survey Monkey so that your customers get an email in the morning.